I'm an italian girl who likes books, drawings, movies, black and folk metal, forests, nature, gothic fashion, etc. Enjoy my strange world.
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Here is a new giveaway, the largest I’ve ever made, to celebrate 1,000 likes on Facebook and already 2 years of photography !

Here are the prizes :

- One set of my latest series “Eaux-Fortes" (13x13cm // 5x5inch). One print is already set in a nice frame handmade of dead twigs and rough linen thread.

- Two older prints (10x15cm // 4x6inch).

- A Sōwilō rune, made on beech tree, woodburned by myself.

- A pine cone, a dead holly branch, a bunch of dead twigs.

Here are the rules :

- Giveaway takes place on TumblrFacebook and Instagram at the same time, so you can share this giveaway on the three websites if you want.

- On Tumblr : reblog. On Facebook : Share. On Instagram : Follow the instructions on the post.

- You can enter more than one time.

- Likes don’t count.

- Giveaway ends on August, 14th at 2 p.m.

- You have to reblog this with the whole text.

- No country restriction.

Good luck !

P.S. : If you like the framed print, stay tuned on my shop, I’ll add the possibility to buy these very soon !

Don’t forget !

11 days to go !

5 days left ! Want to secure yourself a print from my store ? Add the code “SOLISDELIQUIUM” and get -30% off any order ! Framed prints are excluded.

Ends 21st of August.

Ends in 2 hours.